Responsible technology redeployment
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ITExpeditors was created with its main focus being to increase awareness of the dangers of improper disposal of electronic waste or E-waste. ITExpeditors works with companies and the community to capture the hidden value in obsolete IT equipment by reusing computers to close the gap between technology empowered and technology excluded communities.

ITExpeditors acts as the North American facilitator for the Digital Partnership ( The Digital Partnership (DP) is an international initiative of The Prince of Wales IBLF (International Business Leaders Forum), and is supported by leading global corporations and institutions including The World Bank and United Nations.

The DP delivers affordable technology & Internet access for learning, business and social development in developing countries. Donating computers translates unwanted technology into a valuable gift. By making this social investment, hundreds of thousands of children in the developing world will have the chance to use computers. Together, ITExpeditors and the DP will ensure that these computers are deployed in a sustainable way, and that no waste is deployed across borders.

ITExpeditors also offers the same services to our local community. We can match computer donations with those in the local area who are in need of IT equipment. Local schools, libraries, charities and individuals are invited to contact us to let us know what types of equipment they are need of.

If the computers that you have are considered end of life technology and cannot be upgraded according to our standards for donated goods then we will ensure that your equipment is properly recycled. ITExpeditors has stringent recycling policies in place. We have aligned ourselves with several key partners that enable us to recycle all waste that comes through or is generated by our facilities, including E-waste.

As part of our environmental commitment, we feel that transparency is key. We ensure that all end-markets are fully disclosed so that we can take full responsibility and feel confident in passing those assurances on to you. Much time and research went into creating these relationships, and their ability and willingness to be ‘transparent’ is paramount to our joint efforts. ITExpeditors is happy to work with anyone or any company that desires to redeploy or recycle their obsolete computer equipment in a responsible way.


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