Responsible technology redeployment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help?

Do you have old computers and peripherals piled up in your closet? Do you have numerous computers sitting in your company’s inventory that are not being used? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you can help. By donating what you consider to be obsolete computer equipment, you can help change the life of someone who does not have access to technology. By properly recycling computers that are too old to be re-used, you can help protect the environment.

Why shouldn’t I just throw it in the trash?

When we ‘throw out’ computers and peripheral equipment in the traditional way it is called E-waste or electronic waste. E-waste is currently the fastest growing waste stream in the U.S. As this equipment is land filled, crushed, damaged or decomposes, the toxic materials contained within leach out into the environment

What if my computer is extremely old?

If the computers that you have are considered end of life technology and cannot be upgraded according to our standards for donated goods then we will ensure that your equipment is properly recycled. ITExpeditors has stringent recycling policies in place. We have aligned ourselves with several key partners that enable us to recycle all waste that comes through or is generated by our facilities, including E-waste.

Why is there a charge to recycle or donate my old computer?

Recycling hazardous materials correctly does cost money. In order to recycle an assembled piece of electronic equipment, whether or not it is working or damaged, requires careful de-manufacturing. Therefore, we break down the equipment into its recyclable components. By handling the material in this way, we are able to ensure that all parts of your equipment get recycled and not land filled. Plastics, metals and glass in their varying states and composition can be recycled and brought back to life as new products if they are processed correctly.

We are able to donate your old equipment (when it meets the minimum requirements) after much attention to detail is carried out. The equipment must first be serialized so that it can be tracked and tested to determine what level of refurbishment is needed. Some equipment requires hard drives to be wiped, repairs to be made, parts added, equipment cleaned, etc. It is then ready to be re-deployed to its new eager recipient.

How much will it cost me to donate or recycle my old computer?

There is a vast array of electronic equipment in varying states that come through our facility to be recycled. We handle each client's lot individually, in order to maximize the value of their specific equipment. Therefore, we determine recycling fees on a per lot basis. We have a complete list of all recycling charges broken down by equipment type. Please contact us for pricing information, or with a list of your inventory to be recycled and we will quote you a recycling estimate.

Donation charges are also assessed on a per lot basis. Criteria includes: specifications, quality and quantity of equipment to be donated.

What is the digital divide?

The digital divide is an unfortunate, but solvable result of the wide division of people who have access to information and communications technology and those who do not. The digital divide is real and growing rapidly for poor countries and almost three billion people – 50% of humankind. In developing nations, fewer than 2% of people have access to the opportunities of technology.

What is E-waste?

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Why should I participate?

By donating your obsolete computer equipment you are helping to improve the livelihood of others. While access to computers and the Internet does not in itself solve poverty, it does provide an essential and transforming means for those that are less fortunate. This allows corporations to carry forward their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Individuals benefit by helping to protect our environment while also helping others who do not readily have access to computers.

What do you recycle?

ITExpeditors recycles all waste streams that enter our facility, such as all packaging, paper/cardboard, wooden pallets, light bulbs, static bags and commingled waste. We consolidate all items to be recycled and can subsequently ‘track’ the lot going to any of our partners.

We can recycle all of your computer and peripheral equipment, including; desktop computers, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, faxes, power cords, supplies, drives, etc. For information on other types of electronic waste, please contact us.


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