Responsible technology redeployment
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While both American Computer Expeditors (ACE) and ITExpeditors strive to reuse all computer and peripheral equipment as the first priority, recycling is a necessary component for some end-of-life equipment. Our main focus is to make the process for recycling obsolete ICT equipment efficient and ‘beyond’ compliant. ACE is a registered LQH (large quantity universal waste handler) by the NH Department of Environmental Services. Working under the auspices of the NH DES, we are well positioned to share information and stay current with ever changing environmental laws and legislation. Because our mandate dictates that we adhere to the stricter standards of the WEEE Directives, ACE and ITExpeditors have aligned with several key partners to environmentally recycle all waste that comes through or is generated by our facilities, including E-scrap. As part of our ‘beyond compliance’ commitment, we feel that transparency is key. We wanted to be sure that all end-markets are fully disclosed so that we can take full responsibility, and feel confident in passing those assurances on to you. Much time and research went into creating these relationships, and their ability and willingness to be ‘transparent’ is paramount to our joint efforts. Under the Partners link is a listing of the names, addresses, contact people and phone numbers of our recycling partners.


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